Novamar Ltd.

Novamar specializes mainly in:
      • Marine diesel engines – two-stroke and four-stroke, low, medium and high speed.
      • VISATRON oil mist detectors and protective equipment for large diesel, gas and dual fuel engines
      • Air starters and hydraulic starters for engines and gas turbines, complete compressed air and hydraulic stations, air shut-off valves
      • Laser shaft alignment and soft foot solutions
    Our Service center is located in Varna, Bulgaria, however our projects take place across Bulgaria and Romania.

    On-site services

    Our Service Engineers are factory trained by many manufacturers. We are available 24/7 to join your vessel or power plant even on a short notice, anywhere in Bulgaria and Romania to install your new product, or to perform inspections, scheduled or unscheduled maintenance, emergency troubleshooting and repairs.


    Replacement of an existing OMD system from other manufacturer or older Schaller product with a state of art Schaller Automation OMD system. We have the right solution for you! 

    Replacement of an existing problematic starter to high quality GALI starter.


    Check with us if there are any available upgrades to your existing Schaller OMD system. We are happy to support you with our expertise to upgrade existing systems to the latest level and increase the efficiency of machine service life.

    Laser alignments

    Laser shaft alignments and 3D geometric measurements are offered using the latest equipment. 

    We provide soft foot solutions with state-of-the-art RotaChock products.

    Workshop / Factory services

    Factory reconditioning and repairs of measuring heads, oil mist detectors and complete OMD assemblies.

    We also offer to our customers an exchange program, so no time is waisted in waiting for shipping and repairs. We have in stock reconditioned units, ready for delivery and installation. All of our replacement units are factory reconditioned and certified by Schaller Automation.


    NOVAMAR Ltd. can provide basic training for the crew on the Schaller OMD system or any other Schaller Automation products.