Novamar Ltd.

We are excited to announce that Novamar is now authorized to offer EPOCAST 36® products and related services in Bulgaria!

The perfect alternative to steel chocks


EPOCAST 36® is a castable two-component compound with excellent physical properties that meets the same requirements as steel chocks, but is faster and easier to install.

A major advantage of EPOCAST 36® is its wide range of applications in the installation of main and auxiliary engines, generators, gearboxes, deck machinery, compressors, shaft bearings, stern tubes and various other joint applications. Whether new construction, retrofit or repair.

EPOCAST 36® is not only economical, but offers additional benefits such as:

  • – uniform surface loads
  • – lower noise transmission
  • – no relative movements
  • – low modulus of elasticity
  • – almost perfect casting
  • – large surfaces
  • – high coefficients of friction
  • – high coefficients of thermal expansion
  • – no galling
  • – no wear of surfaces
  • – no corrosion