Novamar Ltd.

In 2023 Novamar Ltd. became an authorized distributor of GALI for the territory of Bulgaria.

Novamar can offer you a wide variety of components for both diesel and gas engines. Our company can supply Gali Air Starters, Hydraulic Starters, Air Shut-Off Valves, and their respective spare parts with the desired specifications and large stock availability.

Gali produces cutting-edge products that are based on the application of compressed air. As a European manufacturer, they produce high-quality Air and Hydraulic Starters that effectively start internal combustion engines. Furthermore, Gali manufactures components such as shut-off valves and complete pneumatic and hydraulic starting stations and compressor sets.

GALI air starters are intended for use on internal combustion engines and gas turbines. For their size and weight, these starters are extremely powerful, and additionally feature high torque, high speed, low air consumption and reduced maintenance. GALI starters can be operated at a pressure ranging from 3/4 MPa (30/40 bar) as the maximum and minimum working pressures depend on installation conditions.

The rapid response and the high speed of the GALI starters ensure that engines attain their ignition speed virtually instantly, thereby increasing the efficiency of the starting operation.

GALI starters are homologated by Bureau Veritas, Lloyd’s Register, Germanischer Lloyds & American Bureau of Shipping.

Since GALI starters require no external lubrication there is also no need for external pump lubricators which means a cleaner and more ecological installation area that is easier to maintain. They are additionally very resistant to humidity, saline atmosphere, and vibration, and they are unaffected by extreme temperatures. GALI starters are successfully implemented in a widest range of applications including marine engines (propulsion and auxiliary) generator sets, conventional and nuclear power plants, military, locomotives, offshore, mining, etc.

The Hydraulic Starters are mainly used to start diesel engines generally emergency sets for marine, oil and gas, off-shore, etc. Very reliable as an emergency starting system, because it is a closed and independent circuit with few mechanisms. The hydraulic starting unit can be activated manually so it is a solution when there is no external energy available.

It can be used under extreme environmental conditions just using the suitable hydraulic oil.

Unaffected when stopped for long periods of inactivity, even being under damp and hostile environmental, due to its closed and sealed design that don’t allow the entrance of dirt inside. The unit is always ready to start the engine.

Very low maintenance required.

Easy assembly on the engine by frontal flange.

The hydrocarbons which are potentially present in the atmosphere can become a real problem when attempting to make a controlled stop of an internal combustion engine.

These hydrocarbons may be sucked in by the engine air intake system producing acceleration and loss of speed control with the subsequent risk of explosion or deflagration. The ordinary stopping methods (for example, shutting of the fuel flow) may be quite useless, leaving the engine running without any possibility of stopping.

GALI valve allows the automatic closing of the engine’s air intake, increasing safety in places such as offshore oil platforms, engine rooms on-board ships and on land, and petrochemical refineries and plants.

GALI engine turning mechanism has been designed to slowly rotate the engine crankshaft (left /right) and to lock it in any needed position.

Engine manufacturers, at the end of the new engine assembly stage and marine operators during alignment and maintenance works, need to slow turn the engine crankshaft to into a precisely position. The Gali turning mechanism allows to carry out these jobs in the most accurate and safe way (self-locking device).

This tool is generally mounted on the engine flywheel housing by means of an SAE flange, but also can be attached to the engine with a separate bracket in the case of temporary installation.

The turning device consists of two main components, the main gear body and the driving unit.

The main gear body features a gear that drives a sliding axis supporting a pinion to engage manually into the flywheel. The drive unit, with the worm gear allows a high reduction (39:1 and 62:1) features a shaft end to which the drive torque is applied.

It can be driven by pneumatic or electric drives, and thanks to its high reduction ratio, it is possible also to turn engines of quite large dimension by hand.


We offer a wide range of accessories and spare parts to ensure the best performance for all GALI starters. Please contact us for any inquiries.