Novamar Ltd.

In 2022 Novamar Ltd. became an official service and sales partner of Schaller Automation for the territory of Bulgaria and Romania.

For over 60 years Schaller Automation VISATRON Oil Mist Detectors have been protecting large engines all over the globe. Schaller Automation is a market leader in this field with more than 55 000 VISATRON OMD installations. NOVAMAR Ltd. offers Schaller Automation products, service and genuine spare parts on competitive prices. Did you know that we can convert your existing old Oil Mist Detection system to the newest high technology Schaller OMD system, specifically designed for your engine type? Contact us if you want to learn more about what we can offer.


Oil mist may form due to a failure or seizing of moving parts, such as piston in cylinder liner, main or big end bearing on a crankshaft, gear on an axle, gearboxes, etc. Oil mist becomes ignitable after reaching certain levels, i.e. approximately 13% oil mist to air ratio. At this point, a hot spot with temperature above 850°C (e.g. an overheated bearing) can trigger an explosion. The VISATRON® oil mist detectors from SCHALLER AUTOMATION are designed to protect large engines (gas, diesel and dual fuel) from oil mist explosions caused by the spontaneous development of oil mist in the crankcase. It is part of a safety system to protect the life and health of operating personnel and it prevents serious consequential damage. The oil mist detector works on the Venturi principle to draw the oil mist atmosphere out of the crankcase. Monitoring is implemented via an optical measuring track in the device’s measuring head. The active and permanent suction of the crankcase atmosphere ensures that there are short response times between the formation of the oil mist and the start of the oil mist alarm.