Novamar Ltd.


Schaller Automation’s latest Visatron Oil Mist Detector VN2020. Aimed to support and replace the VN87plus series with upgraded state-of-the-art SMD technology for faster response, lower maintenance and better user experience.

  • Fully connectible to installations of older/previous models
  • Further reduced maintenance costs, no scavenging air filters required anymore
  • Pressure regulator unit includes the water separator
  • User friendly LED display, easy to read
  • Available with ATEX/ IECEx
  • CANopen and MODBUS RTU connectivity
  • Wire Break Resistors easier accessible
  • Reset button position on the Measuring Unit
  • Faster replacement of Measuring Unit by re-designed connection box
VISATRON® VN301plus/301plus EX

New Multi-sensor system oil mist detectors to protect large diesel, gas & dual fuel engines from heavy consequential damage cause by oil mist explosion.  

  • System with single sensors for each compartment
  • Extremely low maintenance cost – designed for engine lifetime
  • Quick reaction time
  • No false Alarms
  • Robust & reliable, made for rough sea duty
  • Easy installation
  • Suitable for compact engine layouts
  • Power/Air supply via hybrid cable, plug & play connection to sensors
  • Active dirt protection of optics by clean air – no false alarms
  • Automatic opacity adaptation to engine in normal operation – False Alarm-free system even under frequent changes in engine load and rpm
  • VN301plusEX is designed as an explosion protected system for large gas & dual fuel engines. ATEX Certified according II‑/2G Ex op is IIB T4 ‑/Gb


Acceleration Monitoring System offers a range of impressive features including:


  • Ideal for monitoring compliance with the vibration limits set by DIN ISO 10816-6.
  • Ideal for large combustion engines and their driven machines.
  • It can detect discrepancies in vibration behavior immediately and indicate threshold overshoots.
  • Real-time data can be transmitted via CAN or RS485 connections.


The sensor is a novel monitoring system for oil-lubricated sliding bearings that detects the transition from sliding to mixed friction. The BEAROMOS®2020 sensors obtain information on signals during normal engine operation, those signals become noticeable once anomalies are detected between the rotating crankshaft and the bearing surface. The system displays any information about anomalies immediately, allowing the operator to take precautions in order to minimize engine maintenance costs

The BEARing MOnitoring System, available since September 2019, convinces above all with these features:


  • Early recognition of the transition from sliding to mixed friction
  • Use of the physical principle of the “Seebeck effect”
    (voltage generation by “Metal on Metal”)
  • Easy to install sensor